Tomaree Board of Christian Education

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High School SRE 


What is SRE? 

SRE is short for Special Religious Education. Distinct from general religious education (GRE) in which children learn about multiple faiths and cultures which is part of normal classroom lessons, SRE provides specific education about a nominate faith system. This may be Christian however in many school there are other faith based SRE class. SRE is taught by people who represent their faith, are authorised, trained and may be voluntary or paid.

Do all students participate in SRE?

No, not all students participate in SRE. Only students whose parents have nominated for them to participate in SRE participate. 

What do students learn in SRE?

Students completing SRE provided through the TBCE are taught the basics of the christian faith. They are taught about Jesus Christ and encouraged to think about what it means to live in a way consistent with what Jesus taught. An overview of the curriculum used can be found here.

Who teaches SRE in Tomaree High School?

The TBCE employs an SRE Teacher to teach all SRE classes in Tomaree High School. This teacher is trained and authorised according to state government requirements.

How often would my child have an SRE lesson at Tomaree High School?

In line with the legislation surrounding the provision of SRE, 1 hour per fortnight is allocated for SRE lessons.